How to bet on esports

There is not much difference between betting on esports and betting on traditional sporting events. The most popular form of esports betting is match winner, which is also referred to as a straight bet at William Hill; moneyline bet at Pinnacle; head to head bet at Beteasy; and several other captions depending on the social circles or the online betting site you prefer to play at.

Betting on esports is very simple and straightforward; all you have to do is to place your bet on the team that you think will win the match, after choosing the odds that best represents the value of your money. It also helps if you check out great sites such as eBetFinder.

Esports betting odds

Betting odds are numbers used by bookmakers to represent the probability of an event happening or to signify the probability of a given outcome which can be the chance of your favored esports team winning. The fact that esports betting is taken part of by people from different countries all over the world, many betting sites express their betting odds differently. The odds formats used by the bookmakers include:

  • American odds
  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds

Depending on the country you are betting from and the site you are registered with, you must know the knitty-gritty of how these odds work before you start betting. These odds are also used when betting on traditional sporting events, so every gambling expert should be conversant with the odds. Out of the three betting odds types, the decimal odd is the simplest to understand.

It is important to note that players must be well above 18 years to register at an online sports bookie and bet on esports.

Factors to consider before engaging in esports betting

There are certain factors that must be considered by every bettor before engaging in esports betting. These basic factors are broken down into three:

  • Bankroll: The sum of real money you want to wager with.
  • Format: This refers to the odds type the online site has chosen to use – American, decimal or fractional.
  • Odds: The prize money the online site is willing to pay out on a winning bet, including the required stake.

Bet types on esports

Draw: This is placing a bet on the outcome of the match ending in a draw.

Group winners: This usually exists when teams are organized in groups. You are betting on the winning group of the tournament.

Group of winners: You are betting on which group will contain the overall winner of the tournament.

Outright winner: This is a future bet on the team that you think will be the overall winner of the specified tournament.

Total maps: This is placing a bet on whether the match will go over/under a predicted number of maps.

Region winner: You are betting on the region that you think the overall winner will come from, if the tournament is separated by region.

Over/under total score: The over/under market simply means that you are betting on the combined score of both teams in the course of the game, whether it will be over or under the bookmaker’s choice.

Handicap bet: In this bet type, the bookie will attempt the chances of both teams by giving the underdog a positive handicap (advantage) and the favorite team a negative handicap (disadvantage). For a bet placed on the underdog to be successful, the underdog must win, draw or lose the match by less than the handicap figure. For a bet placed on the favorite team to be successful, they must win by more than the handicap figure.

Post Author: Jayda Felix