How to Use Statistics for Live In-play Sports Betting

Sometimes, we prefer to keep doing things how they’ve always been done because they yield good results. However, this is not so with live betting! We can sufficiently say that live in-play netting can bring you much more profit than other forms of betting.

In the past years, the only time and way anyone could make bets were before the game. Once the game had started, everyone was locked into the bets they made. None had access until the very next game.

Thankfully, sports books figured that by creating a much simpler system, they could allow bettors to have a better experience. The system allows bettors to register additional stakes even when the game is underway.

What then is Live In-play Sports Betting?

Live betting, also called In-play betting, gives the ability for bettors to make additional stakes when the match is underway.

How is it important?

Live betting proposes, in addition to money-making chances, a great entertainment experience. Furthermore, it makes you consider odds you wouldn’t usually consider and capitalize on them.

Live In-play betting is technical. Due to this fact, it is mainly available online.

Placing stakes on live odds provides you with much fun, unlike usual betting odds. Who knows, the bet could be your way to the winning side.

Besides live in-play sport betting, you may wish to learn about some other aspects of betting to improve your skills. You can find out unique golf bets by reliable platforms. Placing bets at a top betting site has a direct consequence on your overall betting experience. If you put all this into consideration, you’re on your way to becoming a pro.

How to use statistics for Live In-play Sports Betting

Betting has become relatively easy, as many betting companies now provide lots of flexibility for wagers. For instance, you can now bet under or over, the actual number of total set-pieces.

Also, you can place bets on which teams will get the most set-piece or half-time match set piece. You even have a chance to place a bet on each team getting a fixed number of set pieces!

Below is an example of two English Premier League teams. It contains an analysis of how to place bets using statistics of the number of set pieces.

Imagine Chelsea is playing Manchester United and you have it in mind to bet on set-pieces.

Chelsea set-piece statistics when playing at home: The total match set-piece average was 16.0, an average of 9.2 set pieces won, and an average of 6.8 set-pieces conceded.

Manchester United away set-piece statistics: An average of 14.2 total match set-pieces, an average of 8.7 set-pieces won, an average of 5.5 set-pieces lost.

With these analyzed statistics you’d be aiming to have a match set piece of over 14.5. You could also aim at team set-pieces of over 5.9 for Chelsea and over 4.7 for Manchester United.

An Interface Can Make A Huge Difference

The difference between most online sportsbooks in recent times is the efficiency and quality of the live betting platform that they offer. You will come across certain platforms that looks specially designed for their users. However, there are others that look like they have been designed just to make the users angry.

This must be considered because a bad user interface will not just frustrate you, it can also cost you so much money. Another thing you must also know is that bets come at you very fast, particularly when you are betting in-game. As lines keep changing, new opportunities will keep coming. With this in mind, you should arm yourself with all resources that can help you evaluate them as fast as possible while deciding if you have a value that you can jump on.

Furthermore, it is also important that you have a form of indicator that can always pop up to indicate if a line has changed or become available. Some excellent sites will highlight the bets for you in green or red. This will indicate a better or worse paying lines. The purpose of this is to ensure that you do not miss out on anything while being aware of various changes as they happen.

To Sum It Up

Sports betting has enjoyed a dramatic rise, in recent years. You can find important information online on how it works. However, deviating from the norm can be quite tricky especially if you’re not knowledgeable about the change. The same thing works for live in-play betting. It allows you to add bets and make more money. While placing bets, it’s important to consider statistics to know your odds of winning.

Thankfully with the tips, we highlight in this article, you can easily place bets during live matches. Here, we give you an insight into making smart, calculated, decisions when placing your bet.

Post Author: Jayda Felix