3 Winning Strategies for Basketball and Volleyball Betting in South Africa with YesPlay

In sports betting, it is really important to have a good strategy from the start. While it does not guarantee the punter will win, going in without a plan and relying solely on luck and chance is like throwing the money away. No strategy means impulsive betting decisions, a lot of stress for the punter, and a less-than-perfect betting experience overall. To make things less confusing, here are the best three strategies to wager on sports. These tips can help punters understand and manage their live and prematch bets with ease and confidence.

#1: Catch-Up Betting Strategy

The strategy is designed to help punters win back the money they lost by increasing the bet amount after each lost bet. Its goal is to make a profit equal to the initial bet by doubling all following wagers until a win happens. The approach works best for sports odds between 1.5 and 1.85 and should be primarily considered by punters with higher-than-average bankroll. Catch-up betting is optimal for soccer, basketball, and tennis bets.

#2: Ladder Betting Strategy

The ladder betting strategy requires making multiple bets on the same sports game, each having different odds. Instead of betting on one outcome, punters spread their bets across a range of possible results, where the odds are getting bigger each time. Ladder betting is best for punters confident about specific outcomes and with access to a sportsbook that offers different odds for the same game. The strategy is widely used for placing soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis bets.

#3: Betting on Outsiders Strategy

An intriguing strategy is betting on underdogs – outsider teams or athletes whose chances of winning the sportsbook considers lower than those of their opponents. While focusing on favorites tends to result in more winning bets, betting on outsiders can prove highly profitable in the long run. The underdog bets strategy works for sports where outcomes are harder to predict and upsets are more frequent, like football, basketball, tennis, and boxing.

Why Choose YesPlay for Prematch and Live Sports Betting in South Africa?

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Post Author: Jayda Felix