3 Reasons Why Fanatic Italian Football Fans Are Feared Across Europe

Sports and games can be addicting. But have you ever seen one of those ultimate and extra and what not fans of one? Football is something that has become a lot more than just a sport. In a lot of places like Italy, it is something that not just the players but their fans also live and breathe for. They have taken up fan culture to whole another level. These fans are so powerful that they are even feared. You can take up the example of Irridicibili, one of the most ultra-group of fans.

Read on to know why these fanatic Italian Fans are feared across Europe.

1.   Insanely Dedicated

Not everyone stays loyal to their idols long enough. But the fanatic Italian fans have sworn to support their teams as long as they can. This dedication comes from their love for support and the team players are their driving force. Needless to say, when dedication comes with such force, it is a force to be reckoned with. They are ready to go any length and level to support and promote whatever they believe in. Often, they can be someone who can make or break a player and their careers and when these insane ‘fans’ clash with each other, all hell breaks loose.

2.   Political Effects

Dedicated Irridicibili fans can intimidate opponents. Due to the violent history of Europe, the people present on the continent have become extremely patriotic towards their country. This passion and aggression automatically transpire in the football pitch as well. The craze of football in Italy is incomparable to the rest of the world. Supporting your home side and making your presence felt is a great way to dominate the opponent or the visiting club. The fans are aware of this scenario and hence voice their opinion on the football ground.

3.   Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Regardless of what the fans claim to be, if your team does not translate the support into successful performances then it all goes to nothing. Backed by the support of the crowd, Italian teams tend to deliver more often than not. The historic and impenetrable Italian defensive line is feared by all the countries around the world. Backed by the support of the fans the players also fulfill their responsibilities to the maximum.

Post Author: Jayda Felix